driver's education program

how does it work?

If you are a new driver then we will start with the basics in a quiet area close to where you live and gradually build your skills from full talk through to prompted to being independent at all the skills needed to become a confident, safe and responsible driver.

If you have some driving experience, we will give you a driving assessment to see what level your driving skills are at so a plan can be made to get you to your goals.

At Seekho, we follow a course outline keeping local and international rules of the road with a student-centric learning process in mind. Learning to drive is a two-way process hence the trainers will listen to what you would like to learn as well as offer advice on what needs to be learn.



Introduction to Driver's Education

As part of the course, all students at Seekho are provided an introductory session (60 minutes; online/on-site) entailing vehicle anatomy, dashboard signs, engine checks thoroughly explained before they sit behind-the wheel, introduced to the program schedule and road safety and road anxiety tips

Basic Tool Management, Vehicle maintenance and Road Safety workshop

Towards the end of the course, every student attends a group workshop (120 minutes) focusing on life skills such as changing a flat tyre demo, jump-starting a vehicle demo, vehicle maintenance guide, under the hood components, road safety signs, distracted and defensive driving and fire and safety information. The session concludes with a theory test, worksheets, completion certificate and giveaways. Also includes occasional guest speaker sessions.(Every Saturday 11:30am - 1:30pm)


About Us

SEEKHO goes above and beyond expectations to provide a safe learning experience and to shape a safer country for everyone. As a driver, you are not only taking the safety of your passengers into your hands, but you are also responsible for the safety of pedestrians who share our roads. This is why it is very important for driver's to know and adhere to traffic rules.

We believe in teaching not just the basics of driving, but also providing the knowledge to handle specific emergency situations should the need arise.

It's a comprehensive training program which develops an important life skill and prepares you to be ready to take the road anywhere and everywhere in the world!


Founder & CEO



Do you want to join our team and play your role in our social welfare initiative?

Program Coordinator

Driving Training Officer

Road Safety Speaker


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Seekho Traffic Club (STC) is an initiative by Seekho to create awareness regarding road safety amongst children. Inspiring young minds to learn all about road safety is key to preventing accidents later on in life and helping them make better choices. Road safety is something that needs to be done continuously and even subtly at times.

STC provides an educational but entertaining way to prepare little ones to be safer and to develop road and traffic awareness.




contact us

Seekho Driving Academy
67-E/1, 7th Jami Commercial St, Phase 7 Ext, D.H.A Karachi, Pakistan

Bank Account Title: Seekho Bank Name: Meezan Bank (Phase 2 Ext) Bank Account number: 0115-0103960082 IBAN: PK58MEZN0001150103960082 STN: 5450332-4



ania khan

Just wanted to say, this was a great driving school. I had two teachers Fari and Miss Zainab, both of whom were very patient, calm and helped in boosting my confidence. Would recommended to others!


Thank you so much, had an amazing experience with seekho. Miss Zainab is such a patient and excellent instructor, loved her personality and driving techniques.


Had a great experience and now really enjoying taking to the streets of Karachi!


Lovely experience! Thank you for making me feel confident.


Very nice experience. Tehreem is really very good tutor. I am really happy. Thanks Tehreem!

M. Qureshi

Absolutely loved it! Mian saab was EPIC!! Many regards and best wishes.


Had a great time learning with Seekho!


Loved my experience. My instructor, Omaima, really helped me overcome my fears! The whole experience was amazing. Thanks!


Had an amazing experience with Seekho! Omaima made driving very easy and really helped me gain confidence. Thank you!


Omaima is awesome. She is patient and an amazing driver. Also young and hip so it is fun learning from her. Thank you Seekho! (P.S I loved learning how to jumpstart a car and how to change a tyre)


Had a great experience of learning with Tehreem and Farkhanda. Thanks and regards


It was amazing with Farkhanda. I learned a lot with her.

Anum Bilal

I could not do it without you guys. You have given girls like me a great opportunity to learn and be confident enough to drive independently. You guys will go to places!


I had a great time learning with Miss Tehreem. Got over all my fears. Thank you!


I actually loved the entire experience. My instructor Farkhanda was amazing. She was a really cool and fun person to learn from. I am glad I chose Seekho to learn my driving from. I was able to overcome my road/driving fear!


Absolutely life-changing experience. Had a wonderful time with Mr.Muzzafar. Overall, an absolutely great experience.


Had a wonderful experience with Mr. Muzzafar. Learned a lot and have gained the confidence to drive every day.


I made the best choice choosing Seekho. I am super confident on the roads now, and had an amazing time learning with Farkhanda


Had an amazing experience with Zainab. She made me feel very confident during the sessions and my road anxiety is almost nonexistent now. Thank you so much for everything.


I had a great time learning with Seekho it was an amazing experience and would differently recommend it to my friends who would like to learn!


Had an amazing experience, Seekho and Farkhanda made driving so easy and fun. I can now finally say I know how to drive!! Thank you so much!

Sana J

Had an amazing 11 sessions with Omaima. No more anxiety


A very enlightening experience that gave me the skills and confidence to drive

Momina Ahmad

Never thought I could drive with Seekho I found confidence and motivation to drive because driving is a necessity everyone must learn and Seekho is the place to be

Nadia Siddique

I never thought I would do it! But they gave me hope thank you Seekho!

Aksah Motiwala

Had an amazing experience with Seekho got to learn so much early appreciate the time and effort they put into me

Rabia S

Had a wonder full hands on experience with Seekho! I gained a lot of confidence on the road and thoroughly enjoyed driving with Seekho

Zunaira S

I was so scared of driving before my experience at Seekho I am so glad I chose Seekho. Had an incredible experience

Hiba Farooqi

Never knew that I would gain confidence while driving and learn it so quickly! Amazing driving experience at Seekho really enjoyed driving! No more road anxiety


Loved every minute hope to drive like a pro soon


A very good experience with my instructor as Sir Muzaffar taught me well, thank you Seekho!


The best learning experience! The best professional trainers! Very amazing & inspirational


Loved learning with Seekho was an amazing experience!


Had a great learning experience! Never thought could learn how to drive! Thank you


Tehreem was best! love it at Seekho


Loved learning at Seekho learning to desire was a personal goal and I am glad I was alive to live it Seekho


Driving at Seekho helped me overcome my fears on the road!

Tajwer Tather

I had an amazing experience with Seekho and my trainer overcome all my fears with road would definite recommend others. Thank you Seekho!!!

Abdul Rahman

Seekho was a good informative experience. I appreciated how convenient and easy it was to register and arrange for classes.


Amazing Experience! I can finally drive stress free and enjoy it!

Mahnoor S

Loved my experience at Seekho, helped me overcome my car anxiety and I am confident now! My trainer was also amazing. Thank you Team Seekho!


Experience at Seekho was amazing! Omaima is the best at her job. Seekho has been a really good and the best academy for beginners like me. All the best!

Aisha Z

Had an amazing experience. I had the most amazing trainer ever. I am glad I came to Seekho!


I was hesitant to join at first because I felt that driving a manual car would be challenging for me since I had no experience with it whatsoever I had heard of other institutes and how they can be very strict and how the trainers there are not really bothered with actually teaching their students Many of my friends and family members recommend Seekho , therefore , it was my first choice. I really appreciate the professionalism of your institute. The best part for me was that I felt safe with my trainer and I also really appreciate the fact that Covid SOPs were strictly followed throughout the sessions that I had. My trainer, Zainab, was great. She actually made me look forward to driving manual (which was a big deal for me). I loved how she was always very calm and understanding. Even when I would make mistakes, she never raised her voice or repremanded me in any way. She was also compromising - I was late for a session so she waited outside my house for 20 minutes- She could tell that I was nervous and scared during my first few lessons so she would try her best to encourage me and build up my confidence. My BTW lessons were never boring , I actually had fun 10/10 experience with Seekho


Zainab was so great and patient highly recommended

Sanjina Kimari

Thanks to Seekho and Zainab for helping me overcome my anxiety on the road and go from learning basics to being able to drive

Zain Raza

It is a great experience would recommend to everyone who wants to learn everything about driving


A great learning experience Seekho


Great experience, very calm and humble instructor best of luck to seekho


It was a very helpful experience I learnt a lot and had fun driving


Great experience with Seekho driving school! Professional amazing teachers would highly recommend!


I had a lot of fun learning from Seekho it taught me a lot of things!


Had an amazing time with Seekho Farkhanda was a professional and really helped me gain my confidence while driving


My experience at Seekho could not have been better! Highly recommend

Superna Kumari

It was really great experience with Farkhanda and Seekho team their cooperation is highly appreciating. Thank you for boosting my confidence and helping me in overcoming my fears


Great experience love driving now!


Had the most amazing experience with Seekho and Omaima I feel comfortable and confident driving now! Truly the best!


Loved every class and very crazy ride! Definitely a lot more comfortable driving!

Sidra Emmad

My trainer Farkhanda I looked forward to every class will miss my session!


Had amazing 11 sessions with Omaima! No more anxiety for me


The lessons with Seekho were just what I needed to great on the road! Zainab was so consistent and encouraging thank you

Nazish Mirza

Very impressed with Seekho! Extremely professional and clean made me want to learn Omaima kept me very calm on the road too which is what I needed thank you


Had an amazing time! Omaima was my trainer and she is so good at her job. Seekho leadership is amazing also love Seekho!


It was a great experience looking forward to put my driving skills to use!


Thank you Seekho it was great learning from you! You guys helped me overcome my fear of speed & be confident on the road


Loved every bit of an amazing experience every lesson was thoroughly taught


Had a lot of fun learning how to drive + Omaima is the best teacher

Ryan. T

Omaima is hands down the best instructor patient & funny great experiences

Neha Monnoo

Thank you Seekho!! Had an amazing time Omaima is the best trainer


Thank you Seekho for great instructor and finally training me how to drive!


My experience with Seekho was fantastic and so much fun!


Amazing experience! Love! Love! Love!

Bushra P

Had a great experience and now really enjoying taking it to the streets of Karachi!


Had a really good experience with Seekho. My trainer Tehreem was so polite and encouraging and helped me overcome all my fears related to parking


I am really happy that I chose Seekho training program. I will definitely soon ride on my own. Thank you!


Had an absolutely amazing experience with Seekho! My instructor Farkhanda did an excellent job, I never thought I would be able to get behind the wheel with so much confidence! So, all thanks to Seekho and Farkhanda!


Extremely good at what they do! Never thought I will learn how to drive so quickly and effortlessly. Thank you Seekho and thank you Tehreem


Really helped me overcome my fear of driving after crashing in my own gate! Thank you Seekho. Forever grateful!


Better experience than I thought. A huge thank you to Farkhanda and Seekho. Felt comfortable, looked forward every day, became more confident and had fun! Love the Team!


Originally didn't know how to drive manual but now I can drive both automatic and manual very well – overall very informative experience


Good experience overall. Thank you Team Seekho


I loved learning with Seekho, thank you for the experience Tehreem. She was super helpful. So glad to have come here for experience



Sessions can be conducted thrice a week or even everyday (upon availability)

Subsidized rate for learning on your own automatic vehicle on your own automatic vehicle (Rs. 2000 off) or Half&Half manual/automatic option also available (Rs. 1000 off)

If you don't require pick-up and drop-off service (Rs. 1800 off).

You must be of legal age to drive (18 years) and to learn with Seekho. Learner's or Permanent driving license is mandatory for Seekho Lessons. (Ask for guidance)

The final theory session (120 minutes) entailing Tyre-changing demo, Jump-starting vehicle, Under the hood demo, Safety signs, Road safety, First-Aid, Completion certificate, Q/A and Theory test is conducted by a professor, mechanic and the team on almost every Saturday 11:30 am - 1:30 pm (fixed-time/mandatory)

Introductory theory session (Basics of Driver's Education) is conducted online or in the training room before commencing BTW sessions (60 minutes)

Sessions can be conducted in Seekho Manual or Seekho Automatic Vehicle or on students own vehicle as well

Sessions can not be rescheduled and will be counted as conducted if not attended or cancelled

All vehicles are equipped with dual brakes, air-con, dashcams, insurance, first-aid kits, bottled water, masks and sanitizers

If you reside out of our service zone, you can opt to reach Seekho Office before every session. Pick-up and drop-off service (in Defence & Clifton areas) is only for BTW sessions

All prices are fixed and payment has to be made upon registration/blocking slots (non-refundable)

Masks and sanitization are mandatory

Additional/extra BTW session in Seekho Vehicle (Rs. 1800 per lesson - manual,Rs. 2000 per lesson - automatic)

Seekho has both male and female trainers available

Sessions are also available on Sundays


Our Partners

our partner

Wheels of Change

SEEKHO is a unique Driver's Education Program

Seekho is an award-winning Driver's Education Program in Karachi comprising of professional instructors and a dynamic team that has trained over 1000+ students since 2019.

At Seekho, we offer a wide variety of driver's education products tailored to your expertise and comfort level. Whether you are training to become a new driver or looking to further improve your existing skills, Our mission is to nurture confidence, courtesy and responsibility in drivers for Our Country. We provide one-on-one training in custom-designed vehicles, along with an interactive theoretical curriculum in contemporary classrooms and plenty of safe driving experience in designated areas, before taking students to the bustling streets of Karachi.


Founder & CEO




Provision of approved and customized course material, educational content and Seekho Driver's Guidebook, along with guest speaker sessions by experts


The-Wheel Training

Extensive curriculum for behind-the-wheel practical lessons in modern cars with ACs and Dashcam surveillance for safety



Every driving training officer is a well-spoken professional with extensive experience. (Fully vaccinated)



Transparent availability for booking slots at your convenience.


and Drop-off Services

We come to your house, school or work. (limited to areas in Defense and Clifton)

Written Tests

and Tips

Opportunity for unlimited practice tests, worksheets and road safety tips demonstrated via images, illustrations, presentations and video animation.



One-on-one, customized and personalized lessons for every student



Provision of a certificate at the end of the course as accomplishment


Learner's stickers, mechanic discounts and giveaways


and Convenient

The course is designed strategically to teach you the skills you need to be a confident driver

For Everyone

Training programs are available for all teens (18 and above) and adults of all skill levels



Help your friends and family learn this skill with one of our driving lessons gift vouchers - the gift of freedom and skills that will last a life time


our fleet

  • Air-Conditioned
  • Dual-brakes system
  • Insured and inspected regularly
  • Clean and sanitized vehicles
  • Comfortable and spacious vehicles
  • Dashcam surveillance
  • Manual-transmission Swifts 2016 & 2017
  • Automatic-transmission Alto 2021
  • First-aid kits
  • Masks and sanitizers

wheels of change

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step 2

Call or text
for suitable spots availability

step 3

Select, pay
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begin driving lessons


Whether you are training to become a new driver or looking to further improve your existing skills or just want to reduce road anxiety. We have you covered! Our courses are tailored to fit your needs and convenience.

TEACH ME EVERYTHING Our best-seller, complete course for a new driver on the road entailing interactive lessons; behind-the-wheel and theoretical sessions
ENHANCE MY SKILLS A short refresher course for people who want to practice their existing driving skills on the roads of Karachi, re-build confidence and reduce road anxiety
Student Bundle A comprehensive course for students studying in Schools and Universities encouraging them to learn this valuable skill from professionals. (I.D card required)

*Please contact 03202-SEEKHO if you require extra classes for supervised practice after the course

TEACH ME EVERYTHING Our best-seller, complete course for a new driver on the road entailing interactive lessons; behind-the-wheel and theoretical sessions
ENHANCE MY SKILLS A short refresher course for people who want to practice their existing driving skills on the roads of Karachi, re-build confidence and reduce road anxiety
Student Bundle A comprehensive course for students studying in Schools and Universities encouraging them to learn this valuable skill from professionals. (I.D card required)

*Please contact 03202-SEEKHO if you require extra classes for supervised practice after the course

our team


All our Driving Training Officers are fully experienced, trained to tackle road anxiety and prepare you to drive with confidence, courtesy and safety. The entire team works to a strict code of conduct and adhere to our Driver's Education Program's mission statement to maintain standards.